Whole 30 Breakdown- My turn!

20130605-145021.jpgWell it looks like it’s my turn!  I will say that I consider my Whole 30 experience more of a Whole 30ish experience simply because I was traveling for work more than half of the time so I did not have complete control of my food.  I asked enough questions at restaurants to annoy waiters nationwide though!

1. What was your diet like prior to whole 30?  My diet was 80/20 paleo with some solid cheat meals planned in to every week. My diet was high in protein, fruits, veggies and nuts (pistachios were my favorite snack)……and bacon. Lots and lots of bacon.
2. What were some of the challenges or struggles you faced during whole 30? How did you overcome them?  I did not realize how much fruit I was eating so cutting my fruit and nut consumption substantially was more of a struggle than I thought.  I also struggled with not being able to use hot sauce or honey.  I definitely had to get creative while cooking to stay along Whole 30 guidelines.  The biggest struggle however, was being on the road.  There were many nights that I literally ate lettuce and some sort of protein cooked in olive oil….which may not sound bad to you….but two meals a day every day like that gets old really fast.  Like really fast.
3. What was your favorite ‘go-to’ meal?  I made little jalepeno beef patties and diced them up then mixed them in to a scramble with eggs, spinach, and sweet potato.  Very yummy.  I ate that A LOT.
4. How do you feel after eating so clean?  I have to admit I felt great about everything outside of food jealousy.  My energy was better, my cravings were lessened, my tummy was flatter…I mean it was awesome. Except I wanted bacon. And ladies….if you ever have trouble with cramping during a certain time….let me tell you, my normal mood swings/cramping/bloating were so minimal that I was actually caught off guard by my little friend.  **Sorry to any men reading this**
5. Would you recommend it to others? What advice would you give them?  I absolutely would recommend it to anyone!  My advice is simple, accept the fact that you will be detoxing for the first week and a half….that detoxing phase blows but it will be worth it.  Be sure to PLAN….seriously, I had to pack so much food in my carry on bag that it became a game for me to see how much weird crap I could come up with that would make TSA and fellow travelers wonder what I was up to. But even for the week or so that I was home I had to be very intentional and plan my meals.  I hosted a 21st birthday party during Whole 30….I had to plan what I would eat so that I didn’t binge on all of the other goodness around me.  It takes effort folks, if you’re looking for an easy way out not only will you live a life full of yo yo dieting and crazy weight fluctuation but you will not enjoy Whole 30.
6. Best thing about whole 30?  The best thing about Whole 30 for me was a healthier stomach.  I always struggle with stomach issues, especially stomach aches and nausea.  I didn’t have that issue during Whole 30 and it was awesome.  I also cannot overlook how much better I felt in workouts having more energy and not tanking so fast helped me PR a few times and really condition my “engine”.
7. What changes did you see in yourself during whole 30?  In addition to increased energy and decreased stomach aches I have to say the physical changes were pretty nice too.  My weight did not really change, but that’s ok, I could give two craps about a scale but my body did change. I leaned out a lot and it felt really awesome to be proud of my body. Women especially struggle with body image and Whole 30 helped me feel a lot better about myself.
8. Any final whole 30 thoughts?  What are you waiting for?  Resetting your digestive track and detoxing your system is always a great step to a healthier lifestyle.  I personally plan to do this every 4 months, just to keep my body in check.  Remember, it’s not about weight loss it’s about being healthy.  This is a great program to follow to build healthy habits!


  1. Awesome results. Great job! I’m going to have to try your ‘go-to’ meal. It sounds delicious!!

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